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Knight Guitars are hand-crafted by Jeremy Knight in Gold Hill, Oregon. Each acoustic guitar is carefully designed to create an amazing visual and sonic experience everytime you play. From excellent tone woods to master caftmanship with your choice of body styles and custom features, the experience of a custom handmade Knight guitar is one that any player will love.

Personal Experience

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If you can dream it, we can build it for you. The experience of designing a custom acoustic guitar is one that any player or collector will love. Jeremy will work closely with you to choose from a variety of models, woods, and features and you can watch it all come together online.

You can also take a look at the guitars in stock and guitars in the shop to find one that you would love.

Creating Music in the Shop

About Knight Guitars

I am excited to be moving into a new, larger shop this fall. I will be building full time to create more instruments and share the experience of these guitars with more players. I will be posting updates on the builds I am working on and share insights into fine guitar building and ownership through Facebook and videos. So come back soon to see what's going on in the shop.