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SJ Concert Model

The SJ Concert model is one of our most popular models designed to accentuate each note with clarity and distinctness. This is a great guitar for fingerstyle guitarists or anyone who is looking for an instrument that articulates their music and stands out in the mix. The large surface area of the soundboard creates fantastic resonance and responsiveness.

Solo Model

The Solo-D is a modified dreadnaught shape  that blends the clarity and resonance of a Concert model with the fullness of a dreadnaught. These guitars provides excellent versitility for a solo player, finger-picking, stage guitar, or any situation where a rich clarity and a full sound is the goal.


The Dreadnought produces a full sound that is excellent for playing with a band or any other situation where you need volume. The standard dreadnought has a well balanced tonal range that is custom voiced to the player's preference.

Jumbo Model

The Jumbo model is a truly wonderful guitar to play. The jumbo combines the volume of a dreadnought and clarity of a concert model to create a sound that envelopes the player and audience in a way that no other guitar can. This is a guitar that you will not want to put down!