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My shop is located in the southern Oregon city of Grants Pass. Knight Guitars is a "one-man" operation in a small, streamlined shop. Side-bending, neck carving, and finishing all have their carefully planned place in my shop. Below are some pictures to give you a little insight into the process that goes on in my shop.
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The New Shop!

Come on in!

This is my main workbench where most of the assembly takes place

Final thinning of a top on the drum sander

This is the second workbench where parts are made, jigs are stored/used, and lot's of sawdust is created!

Hand-bending a cutaway with a traditional blowtorch and a pipe

Top and back are joined with this jig

Initial thinning of wood is done by hand plane and scraper

Bending sides in the side bender

This jig helps cut the backstrip channel

All wood is stored and glued in special cabinets that keep the relative humidity between 35%-40%

Just a few molds and vacuum templates

The same jig that guides the router for the backstrip is used to glue the backstrip and back reinforcement brace.

A jig for everything - this one is for carving necks.

My guitars receive a finish that protects the guitar without dampening the sound.